The New Normal

Close to five years ago I started this blog right around the time my first book came out. Back then I was determined to be a dedicated professional, and if I was going to be a blogger, my one rule was to do it faithfully. That turned out to be twice a week, Tuesday and Friday, each and every week, with a few vacations a year tossed in for mental floss. Back then my life was somewhat less complicated–full-time job, a definite schedule to my life, with a little writing on the side as a hobby. Oh, the salad days! But we all have to grow up sometime, don’t we?

Now “normal” is a concept I just can’t wrap my head around, or perhaps I’ve just a new definition of it. Doesn’t matter–I’m really liking where I am now, and with that, comes a whole new set of demands and loyalties. The first of which is to my readers, where most of my writing energy has to go to now. Look, what have I said over and over and over until I’M sick of hearing it–writers write, and that’s what I have to do before I do anything else (creatively speaking, of course!). So taking that into consideration, this blog will still cover the issues that are important to me, just not as often. Of course, I’ll share here all the news on my new publications, and when something comes up worth mentioning, don’t worry, you’ll see my genius right here.

So you see I’m disappearing from the blogosphere altogether; I’m just spreading myself around. Now if that just ain’t apropos!